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OLAPLEX™ - Insurance for your Hair


Olaplex is a revolutionary new professional product with a single active ingredient. It works by finding single sulfur hydrogen bonds and pairing them back together to form disulfide bonds before, during and after services. It is NOT a conditioning treatment and should be used along side your favourite shampoo and conditioner.

Disulfide bonds are broken via mechanical, thermal and chemical processes, which lead to breakage.

Everyone can benefit from Olaplex, since these bonds are broken due to brushing the hair, using hair ties, styling, bleaching, dying, perming etc. Olaplex rebuilds the hair from the inside and makes it strong and healthy, helping to take your hair back to its virgin state over time.

It is important to remember, that although the results of using Olaplex are permanent, damage will still be done to your hair thereafter from regular styling and colouring etc, so it is important to maintain regular treatments and take home a bottle of No3 to keep your hair in great condition at home inbetween appointments.

Recommended use

If you are unsure of how Olaplex can benefit you, here is a quick guide:

  • Previously Bleached/Dyed or Permed hair (breakage would be apparent from these chemical processes)- A stand alone treatment with take home bottle of No3.
  • Virgin Hair (No chemical processes, but damage would be apparent from styling) - A stand alone treatment with take home bottle of No3.
  • Hair Extensions wearers (Olaplex is same to use on extensions) - A stand alone treatment with take home bottle of No3 can be used on extensions and natural hair.
  • Having a bleach or colour service - A stand alone treatment with take home bottle of No3 can be done prior to colour if the hair could do with repairing in advance, otherwise Olaplex can be added into your colour.

  • Prices

    Olaplex Price
    Stand Alone Treatment and Blow Dry £30
    Stand Alone Treatment in addition to other services £20
    Take Home Bottle of No3 £32

    Olaplex really is insurance for your hair. It's an investment, and it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your hair!


    Q. What is Olaplex?

    See the science decription above. In simple terms, think of it like a time machine for your hair. Helping to restore your hair to good condition. Also, as an insurance for your hair. By adding it into your colour services and having a stand alone treatment now and again, you are protecting against future damage.

    There are many competitors that have recently come to market claiming to do the same as Olaplex. Whilst these products may leave your hair feeling in good condition. Only Olaplex has the patented technology to rebuild the structure of the hair. Accept no immitations.

    Q. Is it a conditioning treatment?

    No. Olaplex works only on the structure of the hair. For conditioning, you need to use a dedicated conditioning or protein treatment.

    Q. Will Olaplex damage my hair?

    No. Olaplex ONLY repairs bonds. It is not possible for Olaplex to damage the hair.

    Q. My hair feels rougher afterwards rather than silky, why is this?

    Olaplex is not a conditioning treatment. It repairs your hair from the inside out by repairing disulphide bonds. These bonds lay horizontally within the hair shaft, strengthening it. To maintain silky feeling hair, you need a protein rich conditioning treatment to repair the vertical protein bonds to smooth out the cuticle of your hair and make it feel softer.

    Q. Is it permanent?

    Yes. The repairing results of Olaplex are permanent, but damage to your hair continues through brushing, heat styling, colouring and bleaching. It is important to maintain treatments and add to your colour services if you are serious about repairing your hair and keeping it healthy. I also recommend taking home a bottle of No3 to continue the good work at home.

    Q. What is the process?

    Clean dry hair is saturated thoroughly with the No1 solution and left on for a short time. The No2 solution is then combed through, ensuring all the hair is covered and left on for a short amount of time. The hair is then rinsed and washed and conditioned as normal. Then your hair is dried and styled. To continue the treatment at home. Pick up a bottle of No3 and comb through the hair and leave on for miniumum of 10 minutes or longer (some people sleep with it on, the longer it's on the more it does), then rinse, shampoo and condition as normal.