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Welcome to Diversity Hair!

Hair Extensions

EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY NOW - Due to commitments at Prostyles Hair Ltd, I am currently only able to take existing clients, but may make an exception for exciting projects, so feel free to email with your ideas.

For examples of my work, please see my instagram page HERE

Fully Qualified Hairdresser (Salon Trained and City and Guilds), Prostyles Certified Stylist and Educator (HABIA approved - the governing body of the hairdressing industry), trained Colourist - City and Guilds and Goldwell Academy London. Certificates available on request.

I have a variety of methods of application to suit, including the Prostyles Fusion method, using a resin applicator to tailor the size of the bonds to your hair. This resin is also exceptionally kind on the hair and easy to remove, making it perfect for very thin/fine hair, as I can make tiny undetectable bonds.

Other methods available include Pre-bonded, Microrings, Tape Hair and Microwefts. See the services/price list below for more information.

I work with only the best quality hair by Prostyles, and firmly believe you get what you pay for. Cheap extensions look cheap and won’t last long. I always choose hair from Prostyles with trading history, and where the source of the hair can be traced.

I use Prostyles Premium Real Remy and European Extension hair: double drawn, remy, root point correct hair with the cuticle intact and minimal processing. Prostyles hair is beautiful quality across both ranges and can last 3-6 months on average, with the hair still in good condition, occasionally allowing for re-use. This is based on your following the aftercare information given, using the correct products and looking after your extensions. They should be removed after 6 months max regardless, though the 3 month mark is kinder on the hair. Why not have an OLAPLEX™ treatment on your own hair and on your removed extensions at this point to repair the damage from styling. See the OLAPLEX™ page for more information.

See the 'Diversity Hair' Knowledgebase for information on hair types and grades HERE

Services and Prices

All hair I use is double drawn to ensure the same length of hair throughout. I only use Remy hair of Grades AAAA and above for hair extensions, ensuring the cuticles are aligned and intact, and the hair has had minimal processing.

Prices are a guide only based on an average of 150 bonds per full head, so an additional charge may be payable for very thick hair. I will be able to give you an accurate final price at your initial FREE consultation appointment.

All appointments start with a free no obligation consultation. A 50% deposit will be taken if you decide to go ahead with an appointment (this can be via cash, card or Paypal – no cheques please). We will then order the hair and the balance will be due at your appointment. Deposits are non refundable, as they cover part of our costs in the event of a no show.

At your appointment, you will be asked to read and sign our consultation form and you will be provided with a free aftercare kit including a voucher for a free 4 week check-up / maintenance appointment. Additional aftercare products can be purchases thereafter in person at your next appointment or via our website HERE.

Fusion Extensions and Pre-bonded - Hot Bonded

Fusion - Using heated resin application, tailoring bond sizes – recommended for thin/fine hair

Prebonded - Pre resin tipped extensions that are heated through to attach to your own hair in small bonds –suitable for medium to thick hair

Type 14" 16" 18" 20"
Prostyles Premium Remy Hair £350 £360 £390 £420
Prostyles European Hair £550 £600 £700 N/A

Microring/Mircoweft Extensions – Cold Bonded

Stick tipped pre bonded Microring extensions are attached by clamping to the hair in small sections using a tiny metal ring, the same process applies to nano rings, except they are smaller and virtually undetectable. Microwefts are where wefts are fitted into place using micro rings in small sections along the wefts. No heat, no resin, just clamped in place, easy to remove and can be reused.

Type 16" 20"
Prostyles Premium Real Remy Hair Microrings £360 £380

Tape Hair Extensions – Cold Bonded

Tape Hair is installed using small 1-2" wefts that are layered together in rows using specialist tape. They are quick to apply, easy to remove. They last around 4-8 weeks in the hair, but best of all, can be reused many times due to the high quality of Prostyles Hair. Simply replace the tape tabs each time.

Type 18"
Prostyles Premium Real Remy Hair £400

Highlights/Lowlights/Individual Streaks/Thickening

Individual extensions or small weft sections added for colour or one row around the head for thickening. Price for up to 50 extensions.

Aftercare kit not provided with half head appointments

Type 14" 18" 20"
Prostyles Remy Hair Fusion £150 £180 £220

Synthetic Prostyles Prohair Hair Extensions

Prostyles Prohair is where the hair is plaited in in tiny sections and wrapped and sealed with the extension hair to form a tiny seal. To remove it is twisted to break the seal and can slide out of the hair easily.

Prostyles Streaks for flashes of colour are priced individually with a minimum of 10-20 needed to create a good look.

Hidden Rainbow refers to extensions put in the underneath of your hair not for length, but to add hints of colour through your hair in a rainbow pattern.

Type Standard approx 18"
Prostyles Pro Hair Full head £250
Prostyles Pro Hair Thickening £150
Prostyles Pro Hair individual streaks £2.50 per streak
Prostyles Pro Hair Hidden Rainbow £150

Synthetic Dreads

I do not make Synthetic dreads any longer, but if you have purchased them elsewhere and would like them installed i can do this for you, you will need approx 55-60 double ended dreads or 70 single ended dreads for a full head install and it takes approx 1-2 hours.

Type Price
Full Head Install £50
Half Head Install £30

Maintenance and Removals

Type Price
4 Week Maintenance check (no new bonds required) FREE
Maintenance Appointment (recommended every 4-6 weeks, includes bond check and top up if required) £40 per hour
Removal Fusion or Pre Bonded (includes wash and rough dry) £60
Removal Microrings or Microwefts (removal only) £50

Re-fitting and Fitting your own hair

Please note, if supplying your own hair I take no responsibility for the quality and life of the hair, and if I deem it unsuitable, I reserve the right to refuse this service.

Type Price
Re-applying microring or tape extensions previously fitted by us (including re-tipping, or new tape tabs if needed) £150
Fitting your own extensions (fusion or microrings) £150
Fitting your own wefts via the microweft method (up to 4 rows) £60


Hair Extensions can last up to 4 months with proper care, but should be removed after this time entirely before reapplying. This allows all the shed hair to be removed and the condition of the hair to be checked before committing to more.

An interim OLAPLEX™ Hair Repair Service is recommended for some, if you colour your roots and use a lot of heat on your hair. See section on OLAPLEX™ for more information.

Hair Extensions DO NOT cause damage to your natural hair if they are properly cared for. Think of them as an investment. If you look after them, they will last longer and there is the possibility of reusing the hair. Is up to you to attend your maintenance appointments on time and follow the aftercare advice given to you at your appointment.

Your extensions may feel a bit tight the first week, but should settle after that. If you get a headache, that is normal and usually a result of the added weight and your head adjusting to all the little bonds.

I don’t believe in scattering a spider web of extensions all over your head. There is no need and it makes it uncomfortable for the wearer as well and difficult to maintain. I will place your extensions in neat rows, using only what is necessary to create a seamlessly blended look, that looks and feels like your natural hair.

I have a great range of branded products that are designed specifically for hair extensions and also make your natural hair look and feel amazing. I encourage you to try them, and continue their use if you like them. If they are not for you, that’s fine. There are other products I can recommend.


  • Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo and dry before your appointment.
  • Separate the bonds/mirco rings with your fingers. This prevents any newly grown hairs becoming tangled with the bonds and microrings.
  • Brush it through at least twice a day, from the ends to the roots, teasing out any tangles. Use a proper extensions brush or a tangle teaser.
  • Wash your extensions twice a week – try to keep it to no more or less than this. It minimises the damage to the bonds and doesn’t dry the hair out too much at the roots.
  • Always use the recommended shampoo and conditioning products.
  • Always brush out any knots before washing.
  • Wash your hair upright in the shower with the water running down. This avoids the weight of the water tugging on the bonds in the wrong direction and stops it tangling.
  • Only condition the mid lengths to ends. Do not put conditioner on the bonds.
  • Apply a leave in conditioner, protein spray or Argan Oil after washing. This helps to lock the moisture into your extensions to keep them as healthy as your own hair.
  • Tie up loosely when in bed to avoid tangling in your sleep.

  • DON’T

  • Don’t wash your hair for 72 Hours after having extensions applied. This allows them time to settle and the bonds to fully harden.
  • Don't wring out your hair. Towel dry your hair, but not not pull on the extensions. Gently squeeze out the excess water.
  • Don’t use heated styling tools on the bonds. You will melt or damage them and considerably shorten the life of your extensions. Styling tools are fine on the hair, but use some heat protection spray.
  • Don’t wash your hair less or more often than recommended. If you feel the need use a dry shampoo. This will refresh them without damage, Batiste spray dry shampoos and our own powder dry shampoo are great for this.
  • Avoid using styling products with silicone in them, and if you must, ensure you do not get these on the bonds. This can cause them to break down and the extensions to shed or slip out.
  • Avoid shampoos with sulphates if you can. These break down the bonds. Some extension shampoos (including our own) contain a minimal amount of sulphates. This is necessary stabilise the shampoo. In small amounts it will not cause damage to the bonds. Always read the label and use extension specific shampoos or others recommended by your stylist.
  • Don’t use chemical treatments on your extensions. You will damage the hair and weaken the bonds.
  • Don’t pick at the bonds. You will damage and loosen them, likely causing shedding or slipping.
  • Don’t pull on the hair or brush harshly. Use a professional extensions brush and brush gently ends to roots. The extension brushes are designed to not catch on the bonds.
  • Don’t try and remove the extensions yourself. It is time consuming to do on your own without the right tools and you can cause damage to your natural hair.
  • Colouring your regrowth is fine, but be careful around the bonds. We recommend going to a hairdressers to ensure the bonds are avoided and the dye rinsed out 100%, but if you want to do it yourself, dye with care and rinse thoroughly.
  • Don’t attempt to bleach or colour the extension hair yourself. The colour processes used on extension hair is different from those we use on our natural hair. They are done professionally with permanent colour locking dyes which in a lot of cases cannot be bleached out or dyed. Consult myself or your hairdresser before attempting it. You risk the quality of your extensions otherwise.

  • Hair Extensions Disclaimer

    I am extremely honest with my clients. If I do not think an application method or extensions in general are suitable for you hair, I will tell you. Going against the advice you are given, risks damage to your natural hair.

    I have undergone a lot of training and have a lot of experience in this industry, and I am passionate about what I do and want you to be just as happy with your extensions. Take the advice I give you and follow the aftercare information. I take no responsibility for extensions falling out or damage to clients hair following improper aftercare by the client. If you have any problems at all with your extensions just let me know, I am here to help you with any issues and will sort them out promptly and to our mutual satisfaction. I will always do my best for you, please do the extensions justice by looking after them correctly.