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Welcome to Diversity Hair!

Hair Colouring

SPECIAL PROJECTS ONLY - Due to commitments with Prostyles Hair Ltd, I am only taking on existing clients or exciting colour projects. Feel free to email with your ideas, but I cannot guarantee my availability at this time.


I see hair colouring as art, and as such no two heads will ever be exactly the same.

I use a variety of toners, and fantasy hair colours across various brands to bring depth and vibrance to your hair, the brighter the better!

I will do a consultation in person prior to your appointment, to discuss your ideas and make a plan for your appointment and agree the price with you.

Vivid hair colour will usually require your hair to be pre-lightened. Add OLAPLEX™ to your colour service to keep your hair healthy and strong and allow for higher lift and longer lasting of colours without damage!

I can also dye up clip in extensions for you to match your new colour for an additional charge.

When you come to your appointment, please ensure that your hair is clean and dry.


We cost per service not by time, so you can mix and match, have as many colours as you like and not worry about extra time costing you extra money. Base cost is applied to all services.

Please note that colour corrections will be priced at a combination of the below services dependant on what and how many are required:

Service Price
Base Price (includes Prep, and finish (Dry and Style with Straighteners, Curler or Tongs) £25
Pre – Lightening / Full head Bleach £40
Toning (after bleach) £15
Vivid Semi Permanent Hair Colour (up to 4 colours) £35
Per additional Vivid colour £10
Balayage Sun kissed Ombre Highlights £55
Full Head Permanent Colour £35
Colour melt (Demi or Permanent) £50
Root Retouch (permanent or vivid) £20
Colour Glossing/Demi Colour (clear or base colour) £35
Dry Cut / Trim to prepare for colouring £15
OLAPLEX™ Added to Colour service £15
OLAPLEX™ Repair Service - stand alone treatment (when also having a colour service) £20
OLAPLEX™ Take home bottle of No3 £32
Custom dyed hair extensions (Price for colouring only, extensions cost will apply, see retail pages to choose yours or bring your own) £25


  • Do not wash your hair too often.
  • Wash with cool water (this locks down the cuticle and stops so many of the dye molecules escaping, this tip alone will help your colour stay longer).
  • Use dry shampoos when you can.
  • Avoid swimming for at least 2 weeks, as the chlorine in the water can fade the colour.
  • Sun light can fade the colour a little, not really avoidable, but to be expected. You can counteract the effects from being noticed so much, by parting your hair differently occasionally and using a sun protection spray.
  • Having your styling tools on too hot will fade your colour almost instantly. Turn down the heat on your straighteners, curlers etc. Turn them down to the lowest setting to start with a do a test strand to see how much heat the colour will take. And dont forget your heat protection products first!
  • Don’t get your hair wet if you don’t have to (use an umbrella/hat in the rain.
  • Avoid Anti dandruff, clarifying and baby shampoos as they fade the colour out of the hair. Use a low sulphate or sulphate free shampoo, any conditioner is fine.
  • Do not attempt to bleach out the colour yourself, when you are ready for a change please come back so we can professionally remove the colour without damage to your hair.
  • NB: Please be aware that some vivid colours may stain your hair permanently (albeit very faded). This is dependent on how porous your hair is and how often it has been dyed these colours before. If you intend you dye your hair vivid colours, you must understand that colour processes that follow may be dictated by how much of the original colour can be lifted out. This will all be explained to you at your consultation.