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Welcome to Diversity Hair!


So, it's been a while eh?  Ive been busy, so this old blog got a bit neglected.  Oops.

To make it up to you, how about a massive amount of new stock?  Here is what has arrived in store so far... we've got more on the way though!

Firstly some new colours and a restock of our increasingly popular Diversity Hair Super Soft Jumbo Braid and Marley Braid.  Fast becoming customers favourite, outselling all other brands!



Then we have our Henlon Jumbo Braid restocks and a host of new colours...


Then we bring you something extra special... Ever wanted to dye Kanekalon.  We you can't.... BUT, you CAN colour it.  Using Acrylic ink and Isopropyl 70% or above rubbing alchohol, you can mix and spray this onto the kanekalon, comb through, leave to dry overnight, rinse in cool water, dry and ta-dah!  You have a colour that adheres to the surface of the synthetic hair, that you can then braid into your own hair :)  Endless possibilities for Ombre and transitional styles!  Try it for yourself and grab some ink here


So that's your lot for now... but later this month/October we have Tubular Crin returning, we also welcome our new member of the team - Dale.  With Dales help we can now provide a much faster and more efficient service (as i wont be running around doing everything myself anymore ;), and ill be able to offer you guys custom hair again, along with many other new products.



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