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Welcome to Diversity Hair!

Necessary changes...

So, we've all been watching the news and whether you agree with the EU referendum result or not, it does affect a few things.

For a import/export business such as ourselves, we have seen an immediate rise in the cost of buying in our own brand due to factory price increases, courier price hikes and of course, the exchange rate.

Due to these factors, (and it's been a long time coming anyway), we are no longer able to absorb the inflating costs of jumbo braid.  As such we have had no choice but to raise our prices.

We continue to bring you the highest quality products for your hard earned cash, and will strive to continually improve and expand our product range for you.

Prices will increase gradually with each new batch of hair we receive at the new costs.

As always we are greatful for all our customers, their understanding and continued support.

If you have concerns about raising your own prices to reflect materials costs, get in touch as we have plenty of help and advise to give :)

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