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Welcome to Diversity Hair!

Interview Spotlight #4 - Hybrid Hair

1: What is your name, and what do you do?

Hello  ~waves~  I'm Kelly and I am the maker of Hybrid Hair Dreads.

2: How did you get first get in to being a dread seller?

Through the years I had brought dread falls and install kits from other sellers online I am quite artistic driven and seemed something easy I could create myself after having a bad experience with one of my sets I was more determined than ever to create something beautiful for myself. After a while doing research and making sets for myself and for friends creating all sorts of crazy ideas I decided to give selling a go.  Since then it’s been 9 years of making dreads and 7 years selling and I'm always finding new ways of creating new and unique dread sets through inspirations of mine and customs.

3: What are your favourite Diversity Hair ranges/products?

I would have to say my all-time favourite is the special effects hair thermal and tinsel.

4: And what is it you like about them?

They are so unique as hair products compared to the normal kanekalon you can buy, I love the fact you can make your dreads look totally different with how the thermal hair reacts to heat and with the tinsel hair I love how it adds that bit of sparkle its very eye catching.

5: What is your most feared apocalyptic scenario: zombie apocalypse, robot apocalypse, or Tree apocalypse?

I would have to go with zombie apocalypse hands down! The thought of the human race turning in to flesh eating monsters scares me any day!

6: What is your favourite colour?

I simply love the colour burgundy I love the depth of this shade most the things I own are this colour!

7: Would you rather have a little finger with the strength of a hundred ordinary little fingers, or a big toe you could use to charge your phone in an emergency?

I have to go with big toe! This would be really handy when I'm out all day or on the train with no sockets just take my shoe off and plug it in! Super convenient!

8: Favourite Band, Movie, and TV Show? 30 seconds. No pressure. Possible bonus point for favourite book.

My favourite band is The Birthday Massacre , TV show to date is The Walking Dead she says as she would fear a zombie apocalypse ~laughs to herself~
Movie that's a hard one I would have to go with The Lord of the Rings series I can not pick just one!
I'm not a fan of books so to speak but I am a big fan of reading manga which I have to say one of my favourite which is so hard to pick has to be paradise kiss by Ai Yazawa.

9: What is your favourite set of dreads you have made, and was it for a special occasion? If so, what was that occasion? Pics or it didn’t happen (JK, we believe you either way).

This would have to be my all time favourite this was a pre made set I made not so long back. I have a real love for mermaids! Even to the finer details such as the seed beads and pearlescent shells this set is just eye catching to me.


10: Is there a celebrity or performer whose look you admire? If so, who is it and what do you like about them?

I would have to say Marilyn Monroe hands down I'm very big into my 50's fashion and she was the first icon I found myself being attached to when I was 16 not only for her charm but for some of the great classic movies she's starred in too.

11: Would you like some toast?

Yes please with a big dollop of chocolate spread! Let’s face it everything always taste better with chocolate!

12: If you hadn’t got in to the wonderful world of dread selling, what would you be doing instead?

I would have perused my art more in depth with drawing and painting. I still draw in my spare time when I get chance but my creative side of making dreads does take a lot of that spare time up I'm always thinking what can I create next!

13: You’re on the Titanic. After you make your way to the lifeboats you notice the only seat left available is next to Piers Morgan and he looks talkative. Do you get on the boat, or take your chances on the next one which may potentially be too late?

I don't know much about him personally so maybe go with sitting next to him? Was that a bad choice well I’ll find out now won’t I haha!

14: If the people reading this at home only take one thing away from this interview, what would you like it to be?

For the readers to get to know a bit more about the maker of Hybrid Hair and what she is like behind the screen, it’s always nice to get to know a bit more of who the artist is on a one to one basis.

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