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Monthly Archives: April 2015

  • NEW: Diversity Hair Henlon Jumbo Braid

    Henlon Jumbo Braid is a type of high heat resistance synthetic fibre used for weaving, wig making, braiding and dread making.  Its heat resistance properties are similar to our Diversity Hair High Heat Jumbo Braid, but the texture is silkier and denser.  This means for the same weight of hair, it is sleeker and less puffy in the packet.  For dread making, we recommend the crochet method, or strong backcombing, twist and seal with a damp cloth and hair straighteners (roll them slowly around the dread all the way down).  This hair will seal in place, but you will not see it shrink.
    Henlon Jumbo Braid is great for all projects and the colour range is vast!

    More colours on their way... to see the full solid colour range, view our henlon colour chart

    All colours will be available very soon, plus some great new transitional/Ombre colours.  Until then, we have the first batch online now...


  • Kanekalon / Jumbo Braid Update

    We thought we'd update you all on the 'Kanekalon Shortage'.

    Ourselves and some others who have contacted Kaneka Corp, have had direct replies confirming that they have no plans to discontinue unnatural Kanekalon Colours.  They are continuing to manufacture them.  The only changes are that they have clamped down on trademark infringement and therefore have prevented other companies naming their products Kanekalon when they arent.  This means there are a select amount of factories supplying genuine kanekalon.  We are lucky to be working with one of them :)

    So, we are expecting our own brand 100% Kanekalon Jumbo Braid braid Super Soft, to be landing again by the end of May, with new colours in tow, and a load more going straight on order thereafter.

    We also have our own high heat jumbo braid range (from K7 hair - explained in our knowledgebase), our Henlon Jumbo Braid range and more Jazzy and LA Trend Hair being restocked along with all the other marley and special effects hair we do.

    This year is all about awesome braiding, dreading and weaving hair :)

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