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Monthly Archives: March 2015

  • NEW: Thermal Colour Hair and Tinsel Blends

    We have NEW orange Thermal hair changing from Orange to Yellow with heat.  Also some blends of saran hair with tinsel in Black, Lilac, Pink, Teal mixed with iridescent tinsel, and Treasure which is Blonde/Lemon mixed with orangey tinsel.

    Perfect for braiding, crocheting or applying as temporary extension streaks :)


  • Kanekalon and Fibres Explained.

    After a lot of digging and interrogating the factory we use for our high heat Kanekalon we finally have an admission/answer that explains the confusion.

    The Kaneka corperation have had registered the trademark Kanekalon for many years. Under this kanekalon umbrella they have kanekalon KK which is the normal low heat sealing hair you are used to and types of kanekalon called kanekalon K7, Kanekalon K5 and Kanekalon K2. All are varying textures to produce the colours and more natural human hair type feels that they require for wigs, toupees etc.  Some hair will be a mix of any of these depending on the result the factory wants.

    When we asked them for 100% kanekalon in unusual colours... They gave us K7 - which is technically still 100% kanekalon, but a high heat fibre under the same trademark.  They did not lie to us, but omitted the K7 tag.

    So, for the above we apologise, as our high heat kanekalon, although honestly named and described should have also had the K7 tag on it. Something we will now be rectifying.

    An honest misunderstanding between the factories and consumers as we ask for Kanekalon, and they were in their eyes providing it... So the process they described to us, as high heat kanekalon is correct... They just needed to tell us it was K7 and not KK.

    Again, I speak ONLY for diversity hair as I do not know the type of fibre others brands use.

    I am updating the website currently to add the K7 tag to appropriate hair. All the information about this hair however, remains the same. We also have comprehensive information in the knowledgebase regarding fibre types  and other info, so go and take a look if you are unsure

    Moving forward we have all the full names of fibres and descriptions all in place for you.  Apologies again for leaving the K7 part from the name. All our information about the hair was and still is correct, just now with added fibre name.

    You can read about the fibre types here 

  • Kanekalon Shortage - Myth!

    Ok, we've seen alot of posts floating around about a mythical Kanekalon shortage... so we're going to give you the facts.

    Is there a kanekalon shortage?  NO!  Infact the Kaneka Corp who produce Kanekalon, even opened a new factory recently to increase their supply capabilities to meet the ever growing demand.  However, in terms of retailing it in some countries, we are told there appears to be.  So whilst it is available from the manufacturer, some retailers overseas are not stocking it.

    Why do people keep saying there is a shortage?  Because simply put, there is alot of misinformation going around that gets passed on and added to by the many factories selling kanekalon.

    Basically, alot of the big brands stopped buying in so much Kanekalon Jumbo Braid because it is not a big earner compared to their other products, in some cases due to retailers cutting prices on it, they will even make a loss, making it not worth their while buying it in so frequently.  This is why we often have out of stocks from brand names, and why we got in our own brand.  Also, due to the high demand for braiding hair and the want for more colours, many overseas manufactures have started offering PP (polypropylene), TK (Toyokalon) and Henlon Hair as alternatives, and calling it Jumbo Braid so customers think it is Kanekalon when it isnt.  They can buy this in cheaper than Kanekalon and sell it for a better margin, so that's what they do.  It's just business unfortunately, but we know the difference and will only sell things 100% honestly.

    Is Diversity Hair's Jumbo Braid Kanekalon?  Yes, Jazzy, LA Trend, Sensationnel and Diversity Hair Super Soft are all 100% Kaneka Corp Kanekalon.  The High heat Kanekalon is also Kanekalon, but due to the colouring processes it takes on a higher heat resistance and texture, so some companies call it only by 'Jumbo Braid', its real name is Kanekalon K7 another product of the Kaneka corperation.  Diversity Hairs original Jumbo Braid range is made from this high heat Kanekalon K7.

    So what is this silkier high heat Kanekalon im getting elsewhere?  The wide range of colours of jumbo braid you are getting from other stores right now, that is tougher and silkier, is NOT kanekalon.  It is Henlon, a wig making fibre.  It has the same sort of toughness and heat resistance as the high heat Kanekalon, but has a smoother flatter, less dense texture.  It is still perfect for making dreads and braids, but sealing is best done with a damp cloth and straightening irons to get it hot enough to seal.  It will not shrink.  Occassionally it may be Kanekalon K7 with a coating to help it to tangle less.

    So where has all your hair gone if there isnt a shortage and who are you to say there isnt a shortage?  Fair question.  Diversity Hair has fast become the leader for Jumbo Braid in the UK and as a result we sell out quickly... we can restock and no sooner have we uploaded it, it's sold out before we can even announce we have it back. As with any business, we have spending limits on restocks and business bills to pay, so it's a balancing act.  However, we have both our own brand ranges and a new range of Henlon Hair on order and it should be arriving soon.

    Our Super Soft Brand is 100% Kaneka Corp Kanekalon sourced from an accredited manufacturer, which is why is fast becoming alot of our customers favourite ever brands of Jumbo Braid and sold out in record time!

    We apologise for you having to wait for the restocks, but once they are hear, we should have a rolling order with our suppliers and not see shortages in our store again.

    We are also a LONG established company with a reputation for honesty and being knowledgable.  We know our industry inside and out and will always give you the facts, so if you want to know something just ask us and we'll get you the answer :) There is NO KANEKALON SHORTAGE, in fact, more is coming and more new fibers available soon :)


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