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Monthly Archives: September 2014

  • 25/09/2014 - RESTOCK

    Jazzy Jumbo braid restocked where colours were available: 1, 1B, 12, 27, 33, 34, 35, 44, 280, 340, 1001a, Disco Pink, Baby Pink, Pink, Hot Pink, Neon Blue, Misty Blue, Royal Blue, Baby/Sky Blue, Grass Green, Dark Green, Green, Neon Lime, Grape, Magenta, Red, Deep Purple, Mauve, Burgundy, Yellow, Bright Orange, 1B/Burgundy, 613 (Manufacturer error/Peach), Lilac.

    You'll notice that Hot Pink and Lilac are back along with new colour Misty Blue :)


  • 24/09/2014 - NEW: Candy Pink Thermal Colour Change Hair

    Grab some now, it's selling fast!






  • Handmade crafts – Less than minimum wage?

    That’s right, less than minimum wage, you read that right.

    ‘But why?’ I hear you cry ‘I got a quote for a bag/set of dreads/shoes/jewellery/cake/artwork, and it was extortionate, it would only cost them ‘X’ amount in materials!’.

    The above is something that crafters and hobbyists and self-employed individuals selling handmade items encounter all the time.  It’s not a fair comment to make and here’s why…

    When you buy an item in a supermarket or a chain store, you pay for (in most cases) a mass produced item, made in a factory, most likely overseas, which cost pence to make.

    When you buy from a crafter you pay for not only the materials, but their time, their skill, their experience, and most of all their love of what they do ensuring you get a lovely bespoke item.

    Let’s break it down a little.  A small business making synthetic dreads for a living.  They have to take into accounts their materials cost, their electric/water costs, their time (this is the big one), merchant fees if they take payment online, and also how much experience they have.

    If you have someone making dreads and materials cost them £30 for example, add around £5 for bills, and it takes them a total of 12 hours to make a set of dreads and they charge you £80, you’d think what’s wrong with that, that’s £45 profit.  Yes, it’s £45 for 12 hours work which works out at £3.75 a hour.  Would you work for that?

    A lot of crafters will take well over 12 hours to produce some truly exceptional work, and they are constantly met with ‘That’s too much’ comments when they give quotes.

    I am pleased to see that many trusted, well established, talented dreadmakers and crafters have now increased their prices to reflect the quality of their work.  Lets stand by their decision, afterall, if they cant afford to live on what they earn, they can no longer make beautiful hair for you or I, and that would be a terrible shame ;)


  • 12/09/2014 - RESTOCK

    Glow in the Dark, Tinsel, Thermal and Thermal Pilot hair in the following colours:

    Salmon, Violet/Purple, Raspberry,  Iridescent Tinsel, Moonbeam, Blueberry, Peach, Glow in the Dark, Plum, Lime, Lilac, Lavender, Deep Purple, Baby Pink, Pale Pink.


  • 10/09/2014 - RESTOCK

    Jazzy Jumbo Braid Restocked in colours #1 Black, #613 Light Pale Blonde, Deep Purple and Bright Orange.


  • SHOWCASE - Diversity Hair Super Soft Jumbo Braid

    So here we have the start our Super Soft range of Kanekalon Jumbo Braid.  Available since early 2014.


    We started with a few blends and colours most in demand, and created a few of our own such as our massively popular 1B/Hot Purple Blend!

    This range is softer than other ranges we carry, has loads of volume, is crinkled similar to Jazzy or Sensationnel texture and backcombs and seals like a dream when making dreads.

    The heat resistance is around 80 degrees C, which means it will seal in boiling water, with heat from straighteners and a damp cloth or a steamer.

    We have many more colours in production, which unfortunately takes a little time, but we didnt want to rush it, as we needed to ensure quality and colours were just as we wanted to make this a really great range.

    We also wanted to ensure that by covering all colours, we should be able to keep the most popular colours available to you even when other brands have run out.

    First to find new products for you and ensure great quality, Inspiring dreadmakers and companies alike ;)

  • 09/09/2014 - RESTOCK

    LA Trend Kanekalon Jumbo Braid in the following colours : #10  #1B  #2  #24  #3  #33  #39  #613  #Purple  #R625 Bright Pink  #Yellow

    These are the only colours available from LA Trend at this current time, they are manufacturing more and we will have them as soon as they do :)


  • 12/08/2014 - RESTOCK

    Restock of Diversity Hair Kanekalon High Heat Jumbo Braid in colours: Berry Pink, Sky Blue, UV Barbie Pink, UV Dark Red, Vintage Pink, Turkish Delight, UV Raspberry Ice.


  • July 2014 - New Site!

    New Website Launch! We've been spending the last 6 months creating a brand new site with better usability, better product range, more information, more tutorials and pretty much everything you could need. We hope you like it, drop us an email to and let us know what you think!

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